This meeting was held on Thursday July, 2012 at FedEx Ground in Moon Township.  Many thanks to  evTechnololgies for sponsoring this meeting.


08:00 08:20  Registration and Breakfast

08:20 08:30  Welcome & Announcements - Tammy Datri

08:30 09:15  Exploring the Universe: What IT Needs to Know about SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Dallas Marks, evTechnologies

09:15 09:30  Break

09:30 10:15  We Will Miss You, Import Wizard (LifeCycle Manager) Eric Vallo, evTechnologies

10:15 11:00  Awash in the Watchlist.  You want me to Monitor what? Greg Myers, evTechnologies

11:00 11:15   Break

11:15 11:35  Sapphire/ASUG Annual Conference 2012, IBIS 2012, BOUC 2012 Tammy Datri, Andy Sajnani & Fred Bauer

11:35 11:45  ASUG BusinessObjects Strategic SIG Tammy Datri

11:45 12:00  Wrap-up and Giveaways PGH BOUG Steering Committee

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